Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I’m a sucker for a good acronym. I like the catchiness of them and they are great learning tools.

The modern military is probably the institution in society that pushed the use of acronyms in order to simplify communications. Good examples are, AAD—Anti-Aircraft Defense, and DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (the people who create the Star Wars stuff we see now)…and everyone’s favorite, FUBAR (Look it up).

Everyday use of the internet, especially cellphones and texting, has kicked out BFF (Best Friends Forever), BTW (By The Way) and POS (Parents Over Shoulder…or, well…there is that other one)

One of my favorites is LUCK…Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

Not long ago I ran into FOCUS…Follow One Course Until Successful!

If it’s true that we encounter answers/people/situations when we need them my encounter with FOCUS could not have happened at a better time. I’m in the middle of wrestling an octopus in life and I had gotten into a habit of trying to deal with too many arms at one time. 

Soooo, I’m starting to FOCUS on a couple of specific areas using one strategy and I’m seeing success—slowly, granted, but still, some success beats the chasing-my-tail, time wasters I was stressed-out about in the recent past.

Try it…Follow One Course Until Successful (or, until you see that that course just won’t work)…FOCUS.

If you believe this message would help someone else, please pass it on.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Climbing Into the Backseat With a Headache

Lying in bed this morning listening to the traffic fly by on Raleigh’s Beltine it hit me; the cars/trucks/motorcycles are like thoughts. We hear them coming, then their noise seems like it’s right on top of us, and then it recedes as the vehicles move away from us.

Let’s think about this…we don’t stand on the side of the Beltline, wave that busted muffler clunker over, and ask the driver to rev it up while we pick an argument with him or her…but we’ll do that in an instant in our thoughts.

We’ll wave down a worrisome, troubling thought and wallow in it for minutes, hours or days. And, we’ll keep doing it over and over. It’s as if we’re comfortable climbing into the backseat with that headache or heartache and looking at the driver and saying, “Ride us around for awhile…and, by the way, play The Allman Brothers’ ‘Whipping Post’ and turn it up REAL loud.”

One of the basic thoughts of meditation is to simply let thoughts go when they enter your mind. I’ve found that VERY difficult to do. But now, with this example, I think I can get better at letting a thought go. I just visualize it as that beat-up old jalopy cruising away from me…and the headache/heartache is driving it.

If you think this blog might help someone please pass it on. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Best Advice in Awhile

Just because you bought a car from someone doesn’t mean they can fix it.” Gordon Coleman

Gordon is a wonderful, young, techno-pro who designed a website for me. I was asking him about one of the online “design your own free website” offers and he made the buy/fix comment.

It was one of those things people say that sounds funny and snappy when you hear it, but if you give it some thought there’s a ton of truth that can be applied to many different areas of life.

The key is to—as often as possible—find the best person/tool/idea to fit the situation...not just the most convenient.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

My Desk Is the Size of a Small Car

If you have a desk or work area, take just a moment and look it over…what do you have on your desk?

If you were sitting here with me, at my desk, you might think my work area was messy. I counted 13 cards, small pictures, and big notes; a working notebook; 2 magazines and 2 newspapers (folded); 8 books in a stack and 22 books in a line on one corner of the desk; 3 or 4 paperweights, including a grip exerciser; an hourglass (running out); a beer mug with pens and a small American flag; a bunch of yellow sticky notes; a TV remote; a glass of water; a roll of toilet paper (I have a cold); a few bills to be paid; and a silver flask from Oxford University.

However, the center of the desk is clear except for my laptop. 

And, you need to understand that my desk is BIG. It’s made from a door (unfinished closet door from Home Depot) and two, plastic sawhorses. The whole thing cost less than $100. 

I know enough about my work style (I need to keep a lot of things around me for information and inspiration) to know that this is the desk I need.

How do you work best? If you do great work sitting at a table at Starbucks, go for it; if you work best in isolation, close the door or put on headphones; if you need noise and other types of stimulation, look for areas in which you get what you need.

I’m for all the rules about working, but you have to figure out what works best for you…and where you do your best work.

Monday, June 19, 2017

I HATE Tight Underwear!!!

The other day a friend told me I was being short with her. 

Now, I’ve known most of my life that I’m altitudinally challenged, but I don’t think that’s what she meant.

At the time I was trying to finish a project in which one of the contractors is in Pakistan. Communicating with him and getting the project completed was foremost on my mind--and stressful--and I didn’t do well with distractions.

Which brings me to my point…what distracts you?

Have you ever noticed that when you’re really into an activity—into the flow—it’s difficult to distract you. I can get so tied into something that I don’t hear outside noise, am not bothered by swings in temperature, and can even ignore some types of pain.

However, tight underwear gets my attention! So, a lot of the time I wear boxers so I don’t have to worry about T.U.S. (Tight Underwear Syndrome).

Now, I’m sure you realize my example here is kind of tongue-in-cheek…mmm…wait…that might not be the best example…but, let’s move on.

What types of distractions…distract you? Can you minimize those things when you’re trying to get something important done? Can  you put yourself in an environment that is most conducive to accomplishment? I have friends who have wonderful offices, but get important work done in their homes, cars, hotel rooms, libraries, Starbucks, outside at a picnic table, lobbies of hotels and all kinds of other places that offer an environment that, to them, is conducive to focus.

Where do you best focus? How can you spend more time there?

Would love to continue here, but I have GOT to get to the men’s department at Belks! Running out of boxers!

Sunday, June 18, 2017


You only get one life. Do what makes you happy and spend time with those who make you smile.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I'm Thinking of Shaving My Legs

Ok…I’m going into a Dr. Phil moment so hang on: My best friend shaves his legs.

There, I’ve said it.

He’s an outstanding cyclist and triathlete and if I told him how much I respect his physical accomplishments he’d probably think I was asking him out for a date. (NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT IN TODAY’S WORLD!)

Anyway, he shaves his legs because he finds it’s more comfortable when he bikes and swims.

Now, yes, I think it’s a little crazy. But, he has a good, practical reason for it. 

Here’s the point, though: He believes shaving helps his performance, he doesn’t care what other people think about it, doing it doesn’t hurt other people…and, well, he likes shaving his legs.

There you go.

Even if he didn't have practical, performance reasons it's none of my business what he does if it makes him happy!

We all have little idiosyncrasies; things we enjoy doing that don’t really affect other people and we enjoy whatever it is. But, most of us think, “If other people knew I did this they’d think I was (you fill in the blank).

“I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.” -Coco Chanel

The people who love you, love you. The people who don’t know you are probably so tied up in themselves all they can do is judge.

“Forget about what everyone else thinks and says. If it makes you happy, do it.” Anon.

Life’s too short to worry about small people. If something makes you happy—or, you believe it will make you happy—there’s no sense in waiting; jump right in! Or, find way to try it, at least stick your toe in the water and see what it feels like.
Speaking of toes....about two weeks ago when I tried a pedicure for the first time (See!) I had the pedicurist paint my two big toenails Carolina Blue and put interlocking NC’s on them. I got a ton of comments at an Artsplosure celebration. My toes made me smile, made them smile and them smiling made me smile again!

You and I know there’s something you want to do and you’ve been hesitating.


“I don’t care what you think of me! Unless you think I’m awesome – in which case, you’re right! Carry on…” Anon.