Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How to Keep From Going Blind During the Eclipse

Even the North Carolina Department of Transportation has lost their minds over the eclipse. On major highways the big NCDOT signs now say, "Eclipse August 21, Expect Heavy Traffic, Plan Ahead"

A friend was looking online for eclipse glasses and found 3 pair for $, I'm as interested in the eclipse as anyone, but for $299 I can drive to Charleston, sleep in my car, visit the bar at the Francis Marion Hotel and watch the eclipse on television and it'll cost me a lot less than $299.

So, if you really want to safely experience an event that used to make primitive tribes throw virgins in volcanoes with hopes their gods would bring the sun back, here's what you do....

go get a box from the likker'll need one that is rectangular and usually holds 6 fifths...Jose Quervo or almost any cheap vodka box is the perfect size...

tear the flaps off the top

flip it over and poke a hole about the size of a big pencil 2/3 of the way up one end...if you want more complete instructions, poke the hole 1/3 of the way down the box from the end that is now the top and is glued's that?

now, on eclipse day you stand with your back to the sun, put the box over your head and position it so you can see a round spot of light on the end you are facing.

As the eclipse progresses you'll see the shadow of the eclipse begin to cover the light'll be just like watching the eclipse without actually looking at the sun...and you won't hurt your eyes!!

However, you should print this blog out so that when your neighbors call the cops, "My neighbor is standing in the middle of the street with a box on his head!!! I think the Trump stuff finally got to him!!!"'ll be able to explain that you simply didn't want to spend $299 for glasses that would make you go blind.

Have fun!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Question of the Day

Heard a question yesterday that may have changed my life.

While driving I was listening to Wayne Dyer (if you don't know the name you need to go to YouTube and check him out) and he said, "How would you treat yourself if you were who you believe yourself to really be?"

In our hearts-of-hearts we know we are good, kind and successful. We may not show the expected trappings of success, but we know that, if we learn and do certain things, we'll achieve the success we know we deserve.

Unfortunately, we spend too much time beating ourselves up...and yes, we could be slamming ourselves or simply bumping ourselves around with generally negative thoughts.

Over half our thoughts are of a negative nature; over half our conversations are, in one way or another, of a negative nature.

While our "Negativity Bias," the tendency to look for and expect the worst, kept us safe when we were living in caves it slows us down now.

"How would you treat yourself if you were who you believe yourself to really be?

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Are You a Caregiver?

Caregiving is one of those life experiences that can be so wonderfully rewarding and so crushingly stressful and sad...all at the same time.

Are you are caregiver or do you know someone who is? 

Many of you know that a few years ago I created a video, Care for the Caregiver...won a National Caregiver Friendly Award from Today's Caregiver Magazine...just posted this ebook...Caregiver 101...101 Tips for Keeping Caregiving From Making You Crazy!!!...if you can use it, check it out...or, share with someone you know who is facing this challenge. 

If you are interested in the video it's on Amazon...just check out "Care for the Caregiver Mike Collins"...

here's the book...

Good Luck!!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Let's Go to the Beach for 2 Minutes

Whataya think about the picture?

If you're like me the first thought you have is, "I wish I was there!"

So, why not be there?

I'm going to ask you to take two minutes and hang with me on this....I promise you'll like it.

You want to really get into this: Focus on the picture and imagine yourself standing barefoot on the beach at the edge of the water. You're wearing shorts and a light shirt or top. You have cool sunglasses on and, if you need it, a hat of some type.

Imagine the feel of the sand on your bare feet. Take a few, slow, deep breaths and imagine a wonderful fragrance. It could be flowers off to the right, someone grilling down the beach, or the light, salty fragrance of the ocean.

Feel the warm sun on your face, arms and legs. A way to understand that you are too much of a grown-up is that you can't imagine this without automatically thinking, "OMG!!! Sunscreen!!!"

So, just chill out for about one more minute.

You hear the water lapping up on the beach and you feel the warm, wetness of the sea on your feet.

You look around and see how beautiful the beach, the sea and the sky really are.

Now, just relax into it.

This whole exercise takes about 2 minutes...and, if you're like most people, if you really get into it your heart rate will slow down a little and your body...and mind...will relax.

What you've just done is a mindfulness exercise...and doing it, or something like it, is REALLY healthy and good for you mentally and physically.

Enjoy the beach.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

I've Just Gotta Make a Decision About This

Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th president and who, as a five-star general during WWII, was responsible for planning and supervising the invasion of Europe on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Eisenhower was known as an extraordinary decision-maker. It's said that he used the quadrant below as a decision-making tool. 

Think about the goals/ideas/responsibilities you have zooming around in your head and in your life. See if you can use the quandrant by fitting all your--stuff--into the appropriate categories.  You may be surprised where some of your focus falls (not to mention that TV show you just HAVE to watch).

Thursday, July 27, 2017

It Only Takes a Second

Too often we allow an experience, a moment, an instant to drag our energy, our vibration, down. Then we’re in a funk the rest of the day.

However, the same phenomenon can happen in a way that moves us in the opposite—the positive—direction.

This morning I’ve had five phone calls, in a row, that were all positive, uplifting and, well, fun!

I get it that you’re thinking, “Well, I sure didn’t have that!” I understand. 

Here’s the point, though, what’s something positive you can think about for a few minutes that pulls your vibration, your energy, up? Is it a person, an experience, a dream or something with your senses (sight/smell/taste/touch/hear)?

I hate to admit this, but I awoke this morning and immediately started thinking about a whole range of stressful things. This is a high pressure time in a number of ways and I could feel myself slowing down.

Then it happened! I had a thought that was the solution to a problem and, literally, within seconds, I could feel my mood lighten, my energy jump and my anticipation of getting on with the day grow dramatically!

If you’re feeling challenged like I am right now you can come up with a thought for at least a few minutes that moves you out of the stress lane and into the fast-moving, lighter-heart lane.

Try it! You’ll like it!!

BTW…I don’t usually plug my programs here, but the 5 phone calls were with people who want me to come present The Perfect Workday program for them and that’s my favorite seminar to present…so how cool is that?!!

If you’d like information about The Perfect Workday just zap me at

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If your organization might benefit from The Perfect Workday program send this to whoever makes those types of decisions.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I’m a sucker for a good acronym. I like the catchiness of them and they are great learning tools.

The modern military is probably the institution in society that pushed the use of acronyms in order to simplify communications. Good examples are, AAD—Anti-Aircraft Defense, and DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (the people who create the Star Wars stuff we see now)…and everyone’s favorite, FUBAR (Look it up).

Everyday use of the internet, especially cellphones and texting, has kicked out BFF (Best Friends Forever), BTW (By The Way) and POS (Parents Over Shoulder…or, well…there is that other one)

One of my favorites is LUCK…Laboring Under Correct Knowledge.

Not long ago I ran into FOCUS…Follow One Course Until Successful!

If it’s true that we encounter answers/people/situations when we need them my encounter with FOCUS could not have happened at a better time. I’m in the middle of wrestling an octopus in life and I had gotten into a habit of trying to deal with too many arms at one time. 

Soooo, I’m starting to FOCUS on a couple of specific areas using one strategy and I’m seeing success—slowly, granted, but still, some success beats the chasing-my-tail, time wasters I was stressed-out about in the recent past.

Try it…Follow One Course Until Successful (or, until you see that that course just won’t work)…FOCUS.

If you believe this message would help someone else, please pass it on.