Friday, July 11, 2008

Time Management and the Fact That People Are Crazy!

The second side of the time management triangle relates to people.

How you manage your personal and work relationships has an impact on your time. If you are one of those wonderfully tactful, patient people who doesn't know how to say, "Sorry, I'm busy right now, could we get together later," and you let someone yammer on and burn up your time you can't complain at the end of the day that you don't know where your time went. The time-wasters stole your time and you let them. There is a wonderful book, 1001 Ways to Say No. Find the book and you will find a variety of ways to get rid of the time-wasters.

On the other hand, investing a small bit of time in catching an employee or coworker doing something right, and praising them, builds your "account" with them so that later, when you are pressed for time, you can delegate a task or ask for help and they will be glad to assist.

The best example of the impact people have on our time is children. Having a child has a dramatic effect on your time. Managing your relationships allows you to better manage your time.

In the next blog you'll see how all the stuff in your life life has an impact on your time.

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