Monday, July 14, 2008

What If You Had Two Weeks Free and Clear?

The third side of the time managemnt triangle relates to ....stuff. I really don't have a better word than "stuff." Stuff refers to all those emails; magazines, newspapers, books and reports you haven't read; the cluttered shelves; and the desk that looks like either a mini food court or a shrine to your family.

The biggest problem we encounter related to stuff is disorganization. I'm always amazed when I talk about the clutter of stuff and people in the audience chuckle and grin at each other like it's a badge of honor! It's like they are saying, "My desk looks like a dump, how about yours?" What a waste!

Here's the deal...the average American workers loses two weeks in time just looking for...stuff. What if you had those two weeks to do anything you wanted to do? On average we waste 15 hours a year looking for car keys.

So, here's the best solution to clutter I've ever seen...I mean, it is It's called The Thirty Second Secret. Here's how it works: Don't ever leave your home in the morning; don't walk away from you desk at lunch or at the end of the day without taking 30 seconds to simply put a few things away.

That's it. 30 seconds. No kiddin'. The cumulative effect of 30 seonds, 30 seconds, 30 seconds is amazing. In a short time you get organized. And as long as you keep up the 30 seconds, you'll stay organized.

Finally, whether you believe it or not, your co-workers and managers are seeing how disorganized. In a survey of managers disorganization was stated as one of the key reasons they DID NOT give workers plum job assignments, raises, and promotions. Think about it...if you are too inefficient to keep your own desk clean, why give you something bigger?

Does all this talk about getting organized make you tired? In the next blog we'll talk about whether a Snickers and cup of coffee is the breakfast of champions.

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