Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where Are My Keys?!!! And the rest of the story....

Man, was I glad to touch down at Raleigh-Durham airport. Finally! I've been doing a lot of traveling this summer and still have a NY trip next week, but for some reason I was really ready for the trip to Denver to be over.

I found my car in the parking deck and then started searching for my keys. I always put them in a pocket in my travel bag (so I won't lose them) but this trip I took a different bag. Fifteen minutes later, with all my dirty laundry, books, pens, Palm Pilot, money, shoes, and magazines laid out on the concrete I realized that I had lost my car keys. Thank God for Hide-a-Keys!

But being able to get into my car and get back to the house didn't solve my problem. On the way home I ran through all the metal and plastic keys I'd have to replace; car, house, post office box, 2 gym memberships, 4 grocery stores, Blockbuster, the hardware store, a couple of keys that I shouldn't have on my keyring, but do, and one that I don't have a clue what it goes to.

At the outside chance that there might be a good Samaritan in the world I called the police at the airport, talked to lost and found, and described my keys. The officer said, "Yes sir, Mr. Collins, I'm looking at them right here on my desk." Are you kidding me?

And now, here's the rest of the story....I pick up my keys from the wonderful people at RDU and then stop by Kinko's to use their computers. When I sit down at an open computer I notice a notebook beside the monitor. Looking around, there is no one else in the computer area. I take the notebook to one of the counterpeople and he says, "I know who this belongs to and he really needs this thing. I'll call him and tell him you found it. IT WILL MAKE HIS DAY!"

Today is the birthday of Sebastian Spring Kresge. As the great-great grandson of the man who founded the Kresge department store chain, S.S., as he was known, was CEO of the chain for most of his adult life. On his 90th birthday he said, "Find out where you can render a service, and then render it. The rest is up to the Lord." Kresge was probably referring to rendering a business service but the thought is easily broadened to mean any type of service that benefits others.

I am convinced that someone rendering a service that benefited me, turning in my keys, led to me having the opportunity to render a benefiting service to someone else.

Do unto will help you and them have more Perfect Workdays.

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