Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Buzzword Bingo

Recently I attended a meeting in which a speaker must have used the word "paradigms" 15 times. I kept thinking that in one of my seminars I explained that where I grew up "pair-a-dimes" was twenty cents. It got great laugh.

Some friends of mine work for corporations you see on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal about every other day and they love to tell me about playing Buzzword Bingo. It's a game surreptitiously played during business meetings. Participants mark off buzzwords, jargon or “in” phrases as they are spoken until one player coughs discreetly to indicate a victory.

Feel free to add your organization’s or meeting leader’s favorites to the list below and photocopy the list. Give the lists to meeting attendees. Make up your own rules or count the first use of a word or term as two points and each subsequent use as one point. First person to twenty points wins.

Core Competencies
Drill Down
Face Time
Full Palette of Services
Low-Hanging Fruit
Paradigms (count this as a bonus word, just for me!)
Results Driven
Risk Management
Sheeple (People in the organization who are essentially sheep)
Strategic Initiative
Zero Drag

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