Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How About a Nice, Juicy Excuse

Today's blog will seem like a dramatic contrast to yesterday's. I'm jumping from how to succeed to how to get out of work.

But, you know, sometimes ya just gotta blow it off.

So, in the interest of a Perfect Workday NOT being all work, here are some of the basic, best excuses. Feel free to sprinkle them wherever needed.

I will if I can get permission from my psychiatrist
Who, me?
I’m not late, I’m punctually challenged
It’s a set up
I’m too cool to care
Sorry, I’ve got a call waiting
I didn’t want to make the others look bad
I couldn’t find a pen
It’s your fault, you were supposed to remind me
My battery is getting weak
I have a hernia
I didn’t know you wanted it NOW!
Would I lie?
I thought you knew.
Not my job, department, specialty, etc.
I don’t make the rules.
I was just following instructions.
We’ve always done it like that.
Oh, you meant this week?

If you try to use the same one twice in a row I hope you get caught. If you have a good excuse that is not on the list, email me and I'll use it in the next list.

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