Sunday, August 3, 2008

It Isn't Monday, It's Friday, August 8

Some of you have told me that you read this blog first thing in the morning, so I don't want you to come in on Monday morning and read what I wrote last Friday...

So, Welcome to Monday!

If you want to get more done this week take a few minutes and try this exercise: Assume that it is 5 pm this coming Friday, August 8. Look back on the week and write down 5 things (big and little) you have accomplished during the past week.

A wide variety of efficiency experts note that writing things down (a To-Do List) somehow focuses our energy and helps us get more done. The author and producers of the bestselling book and video, The Secret, agree that internalizing goals as if they have already been accomplished somehow brings universal forces to bear on our goals.

Take a 3X5 index card and write your goals as: I finished the financial report. I met with Bob and John for lunch. I coached Hanna regarding her sales technique. Keep the card with you all week and look at it first thing each morning, at lunch, and at the end of each day.

At first, this technique has an odd feel. But, it works more often than you would imagine.

Mondays matter. Move away from the frame of mind, "Holy Moly, it's Monday again," and get into a, "Great, it's Monday, let's get something done." Use the list technique as a way to focus and assume an attitude of success.

If you can do that you'll have lots more Perfect Workdays.

Have a great Monday!

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