Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Little Swimmy Headed

I have to admit that I tried to hold my stomach in for so long on Saturday morning that I got a little swimmy headed!

Making a presentation to 200 dance teachers at the Dance Teacher Magazine Summer Conference in New York was more than a little intimidating.

First, I'm looking out at a LOT of people who are waaaaay more in shape than I am. What these folks do keeps them in condition, what I do keeps me going to the gym.

Second, these folks are art in motion. Now think about that, they create art with their bodies, and then it's gone. It isn't like they can create a painting or record a song. They perform a movement or a dance, and the art is there and then gone.

Third, they are artist/athletes. Now, this is the part I really admire. If you want to get a feeling for what a real dancer can do, try this; pull an ottoman out into the middle of your living room, now jump over it. Now, do that about 50 times in a row. If you can do that without breaking your neck or having a heart palpatation then you have a shot at being a dancer.

By the way, my lawyer told me to add, "Do not do what Mike just told you to do. He's just making a point."

There are times, like Saturday morning with that wonderful group, that I believe what I do has an artistic quality. They enjoyed the program, made great comments, and asked smart questions. But, I'm not running, jumping, spinning, and standing on my toes for an hour at a time.

Dancers do what they do for the love of it, like I do. Dance teachers do what they do because they want to pass that love on to the next generation. Could you say that about what you are doing today, and what you will do this week?

It's hard to have a Perfect Workday if you don't have pride in what you do. I asked about a dozen dance teachers if they ever had Perfect Workdays.....they looked at me like I was crazy. One of them said, "Of course we do. Every day we get to dance."

Is your work a dance you love to do every day?

I sincerely hope so.

Luckily, mine is.

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