Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Matters

It’s Monday. I know, I know.

But, hey, it’s only a one week until Labor Day Weekend! College football season starts! The reinvigoration of fall begins! And, before you know it it’ll be…ok, ok. Too much energy, too many exclamation marks.

Mondays matter, though. On a practical point they can be used to get yourself and anyone you manage, business or family, focused on what should happen in the coming week. Some managers use Monday morning for “Lightening Meetings” of 2-5 minutes to get a quick summary of what everyone is doing…or should be doing.

Debbie Tenzer, a marketing professional in Los Angeles got tired of her friends complaining on Monday mornings and decided to do something about it. She realized that while she couldn’t create world peace she could do one nice thing on Mondays, her most difficult day.

Tenzer’s efforts have grown into and a worldwide group of “nice-oholics”in 53 countries who have done everything from send sweaters to children in Iraq to belts to kids displaced by Hurricane Katrina. That’s in addition to trying to do something nice every Mondays.

Another interesting site and book is, They list 52 big issues and show where your efforts can be focused. These folks ARE trying for world peace.
Mondays matter in little and big ways.

I love the fact that every Monday is a fresh start. Right now, as I write this on Sunday night I am eating a waaaaaaaay too large dish of ice cream on top of Hawai’ian pie. And you know what? On Monday morning I’m going to eat an apple for breakfast. A new Monday, a new week, a new start.

Have a big week.

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