Thursday, August 28, 2008

YaaaaaaaaaaaaaY! The World is Back in Order

The world is back in order. College football starts tonight at 8 pm with South Carolina and NC State.

Everyone has something in their life that--when that thing is in place--life seems in order. For me, it’s college football.

Sports are so pervasive in our culture that many people (ok, mostly women) blow off sports references, analogies, stories, and interests. But, hear me out.

I’m sure that for me the connection has to do with the color and excitement of the sport; the tailgating; the energy of the crowds; the promise of the future that I see in all the young people; the speed and violence of the game; seeing old friends; the tailgating; the dreams coming true for the young men on the field; the pretty girls at the game; and the tailgating.

When I sit in Kenan Stadium at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and look up at that big Carolina Blue sky and the team comes running out to the roar of the crowd I believe that anything in life is possible.

I gain a tremendous sense of energy and possibility from college football. When I think about all the meticulous planning that not only goes into the games on the field, but into the activities that make the games possible, I slow down and start doing a better job of planning in my business.

I envy the fact that at the end of 3 hours there will be a clear winner and loser. Most of life is not like that.

I get much more out of college football than it ever gets from me. My question to you is, “What, in your life, does the same thing for you that college football does for me?” You have a force like this in your life. It might be your children and their futures. It could be your contact with spiritual. It could be your garden, or golf, or pets. It can be whatever you want it to be.

Find the thing in your life that gives you a sense of joy and possibility. Do more of it. Think more about it. Use your area of interest as a metaphor for life. Use the basics of the issue to outline a plan for doing bigger and better things in your life.

And think about me at 6:30 pm on Saturday night. I’ll be sitting in Kenan Stadium with a huge smile on my face.

Go Tar Heels!

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