Friday, September 5, 2008

Cube Farm Frazzlers

It's Friday!!!

I'm talking to a guy yesterday and he says, "I cannot WAIT until Friday!" When I asked why he said, "Bcause I work in a cubicle and I have to put up with the stuff the person in the next cubicle does and the weekend is the only time I'm away from them."

When I asked why he didn't have a chat with his co-worker he mumbled something about "it wouldn't help." So, for all of you cubicle farmers who are working away in your little plot every day and running into challenges with co-workers I offer the info below. You can print it out and lay it on your co-workers desk.

When 2,318 people were surveyed in March 2006 by Harris Interactive and Randstad, 32% said an office loud talker was their biggest pet peeve. Coming in a close second at 30% is using an annoying cellphone ringtone; 22% said speakerphones are their No. 1 peeve.
Here are the top ten rules cube farm rules:
- Check your volume when talking on the phone.
- If you don’t want your personal life to be farm fodder keep a low voice on personal or sensitive calls. Take it outside or into the hall.
- Treat a person’s cubicle as you would their home. Don’t enter without permission. Don’t rummage on their desks or borrow without asking.
- “Prairie-Dogging,” peeking over the tops of cubes is a no-no.
- Don’t yell across the “cube farm”.
- Don’t throw things over the “cube farm.”
- Keep a low volume on anything that plays music, beeps, honks or growls. That includes the email message beep on your computer.
- Set phones and pagers to vibrate.
- Be aware that fragrances such as hot food, perfume and cologne drift.
- Keep your shoes on!


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