Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dead Co-workers

If your co-worker or manager is dead you should probably tell someone.

A couple of years ago at a New York publishing firm, one of the workers, a proofreader, George Turkelbaum, 51, was dead for 5 days before anyone thought to check on him.

His boss said, “George was always the first guy in each morning and the last to leave at night, so no one found it unusual that he was in the same position all the time and didn’t say anything. He was always absorbed in his work and kept much to himself.”

Turklebaum was proofreading medical textbooks when he had a coronary and died.

There are two morals to the story: First, if you don’t see your coworkers moving, nudge them every now and then. Second, don’t work too hard. People may not notice anyway.

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