Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good As Gravy

Let me go ahead and confess that I am a gravy addict. Almost any kind of gravy is fine. Chicken, beef, (I have a reflux condition that kicks up if I eat pork gravy, but once in awhile...), seafood, I love'em all. I even see sauces as types of gravies. BBQ, 57, Worstershire, A1, it doesn't matter.

Not long ago my I was at a buffet with some friends. The restaurant had the little plastic cups like you put tartar sauce and cocktail sauce in. I was putting gravy in them because my plate wouldn't hold any more.

When I got to the table I sipped one of the cups to see what kind of gravy it held. Just then one of my buddies walked up. He said, "You are the only person I know who would do shooters of gravy." Busted.

I love gravy and as long as I don't drink it by the coffee cup I don't think any thing is wrong with it. It's all about moderation.

If you want to have a Perfect Workday find something that you think is fun, something you revel in, something that makes your soul sing, and do at least a little of it during the day. You'll appreciate it more. The act will help you really make the day yours, and the enjoyment you get will be worth whatever hassle you had to go through to get some of your personal delight.

I have a friend who loves golf. He tries to stop by a driving range a couple of days a week when he's on his way home. He doesn't stay long; might just hit 10-12 balls. But it completes the day for him.

He asked me to go with him one day. I simply said, "No thank you, but will you pass the gravy."

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