Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Elephant Appreciation Day!

No kidding, today is Elephant Appreciation Day. It is also the first day of National Clean Hands Week, the Anniversary of the Invention of the Ice Cream Cone, and American Business Women's Day.

I love that "Today is _________" stuff. It seems to make each day special. In fact, the more ridiculous the occasion the more I like it.

Due to falling on Sunday we missed a wonderful occasion yesterday. It was the anniversary of some folks not having a perfect workday. On September 21, 1945, Henry Ford I was replaced as chairman of the Ford Motor Company by his son, Henry Ford II. Ford I was so frail he had to be helped to his seat.

Harry Bennett, Ford I's right hand man, the company's service chief, had wanted the job himself and was not happy at the occasion. He stalked out of the meeting after the papers were signed. Later in the day, Ford II sent his executive, John Bugas, former head of the FBI, to fire Bennett who had been burning papers in his office all day.

When Bugas appeared at the door Bennett pulled a .45 pistol out of his desk and threatened to shoot the former agent. Bugas calmly pulled his own .38 out of his belt. He said, "Don't make the mistake of pulling the trigger because I will kill you. I won't miss. I'll put one right through your heart, Harry."

Don'tcha love it. Management in action.

Oh yeah, it's also the first day of fall.

Have a great one.

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