Monday, September 1, 2008

Run Away!!!!!!!!

The scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where they band of knights is laying inthe grass outside the castle is one of my favorites. When the French catapult a cow over the wall at the knights Lancelot yells, "Run away!"

OK, OK, it's better when you see it than read it. I gotcha on that one.

But, here's the deal. IT'S LABOR DAY! And if you are reading this (which I do appreciate by the way) you should RUN AWAY! from your computer and do something fun...something non-Labory....get it.

I'm planning on being about as worthless as I can be today. Read, lift, bike, eat, lay around and do nothing, and try not to think about anything work-related. I know it sounds xenophobic, but the Europeans and Latins are great at this. In fact, their ability to goof off is something I admire.

What you've got to do the rest of the week doesn't matter. In fact, if you are using today to plan for the rest of the week it's a signal that you don't do a good enough job of planning the rest of the time. Run Away from work today!

And have a Perfect Workday tomorrow!

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