Friday, September 26, 2008

Time and Another Form of Wealth

"An unhurried sense of time is, in itself, a form of wealth." Baltasar Gracian

Gracian was a Spanish writer in the 1600s who, like many good writers, called into question the traditions of the day and the habits of the populace. Trained as a Jesuit, he once read a letter from the pulpit that supposedly had been sent from Hell. I love that. His superiors were not pleased. His most significat work was Criticon, a long novel chronicling two characters journey through life.

Now, what does Gracian have to do with a Pefect Workday?

This week has been incredibly intense, scary, bizarre, and confusing. It has been one of the rough weather periods in our journey. I believe that I am at least a marginally intelligent person but the financial labyrinth that has become our economy is beyond me. My basic question is probably the same as yours, "Am I going to be able to buy a gallon of milk and fill my car with gas?" In some parts of North Carolina they are experiencing gas shortages.

So it could be that we are enterring some rough weather when it comes to life.

Here's what I am going to try to do....calm down. I'm going watch less news on the tube and read fewer stories on the front page of the newspaper. If my money is worthless when I go to buy groceries I'll find out then.

However, I believe that there are lots of folks above my pay grade who are smarter than me and who are paid to worry about this stuff. So let'em. We'll get to decide in a few weeks who gets to solve this mess.

I'm going to take an unhurried view of time this weekend. Relax. Watch some college football. Go for a walk. It will all be here when Monday morning rolls around. And that is when you and I will get together again.

Have an unhurried weekend.

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