Monday, October 6, 2008

I Just Know!

Welcome to Monday!

What type of week will you have? Have you already gotten yourself kinda cranked up because you expect a good/bad week? Has that feeling led you to...well...feel good or bad?

When making decisions we can easily take ourselves down the wrong road with "confirmation bias." We confirm in our minds that a situation is going to turn out a specific way because we "just know."

Jim Porto, the executive director of the Executive Masters Program at UNC-Chapel Hill's School of Public Health, has been helping me understand what keeps us from making good decisions. He has come up with an acronym, CAT MAGIC, that signifies the eight areas in which we make mistakes. I'll be exploring them during the next few days.

Plato described Confirmation Bias as "the acquisition and maintainance a belief (or, at least, the avowal of that belief) in the face of strong evidence to the contrary." In essence, it is self-deception.

How many times do we act on a long-held belief about other people or situations only to find that we were wrong. How often does self-deception keep us from living magnificent lives.

Look ahead into your week and ask yourself, "What am I making an assumption about (you've decided to think a certain way) based on a belief that I might have little or no evidence to prove the belief?"

Your week could turn out to be so much more wonderful if you didn't make the decision based on a faulty assumption.

More about CAT MAGIC later.

Have a great week!

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