Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pull Up! Lay Down!

Yesterday in the Raleigh News and Observer a columnist lambasted the people who steal political signs from supporters yards. Seems that most of the signs stolen were Obama signs so the finger pointed at McCain supporters, but she did point out that some McCain signs were being stolen, too.

While I would never endorse thievery...well...unless you're in a fraternity and that beer cooler was unlocked and..well...ok, that's a story for another day.

But, here's my point; these little stick-in-the-ground signs are a blight on the land. I think the world of my friends in real estate but the little roadside signs are trash.

A couple of years ago when the real estate sign trend took off I wrote a letter to the editor of the News and Observer suggesting a strategy for beautification. It's called the PULD Strategy. They never had the courage to print it (it wouldn't make the real estate people happy), so here it is.

Here's how it works; you don't steal the sign. I mean, that would be...stealing. You simply Pull the sign Up, and Lay it Down. Pull Up, Lay Down...PULD.

Yes, signs laying on the ground are trashy looking. But that's the point. Once we get enough PULD signs on the ground the people who use them will recognize that that type of media doesn't work anymore and they'll move on to something else. Like maybe tattooing peoples' foreheads. But we'll worry about that when it happens.

So, try the PULD Strategy. If you see some signs on a corner, pull over in a nearby parking lot, walk to the signs and PULD a few. I've done it and it makes you feel wonderful.

It's almost like having some control over life and the folks who believe they run the world.

PULDers of the World! Unite!

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