Thursday, October 30, 2008

Walk It Off!

Rob Sweetgall has walked across America 7 times. He is an absolute apostle to the glories of walking.

What does that have to do with a Perfect Workday? Sweetgall told me that walking is a contra-lateral movement. It means we move our limbs parallel to each other and in opposite directions. Well, what on earth does THAT have to do with having a Perfect Workday?!

It means that the activity pushes more oxygen into your brain. Walking can calm you down, energize you, be the generator of new ideas and serve as a moving meeting.

President Harry Truman used to talk to reporters on daily walks and moved at a pace that would leave men half his age bent over and panting.

Walk before work, at lunch, on breaks or after work. Encourage a walking program at your workplace.

Walking and swimming are the two most popular forms of low-impact exercise…and can you visualize some of your coworkers in bathing suits? Not a pretty sight. Stick with walking.

As President Truman once said, “Everyone should take their dog for a walk every day, even if they don’t have a dog.”

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