Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why Work?

Have you ever stopped to think about why you work?

Sounds like a silly question to some people..."Of course, I have to work because I have bills to pay." Some folks go a little farther and talk about the satisfaction, working with others, advancing a greater good...some even talk about the fun, although admittedly, they are, unfortunately, in the minority.

For every person there is a reason for working. What's yours?

I certainly understand financial realities, especially in these times of uncertainty. But, knowing why you work gets you through the difficult times.

The Buddhists talk about the concept of "Right Livelihood." The concept has more to do with your work being something that helps the world be a more positive place.

However, I look at the phrase from a more practical angle. Is your work "Right" for you? Is it something that maximizes your talents, skills, interests, and desires. Even if you don't take off tomorrow to run a dogsled team in Alaska just because you think that that's what you should be doing the exercise of asking yourself, "Why?," is a healthy one.

And remember, if you are having a tough week, today is Wednesday, Hump Day. If you can make it to lunchtime it's a downhill slide to the weekend.

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