Monday, November 17, 2008

Bring On the Funny!

Ok, ya gotta spot me this one…today is Lorne Michael’s birthday, he’s 64.

Michaels was the brains behind Saturday Night Live and continues to be the producer. If anyone in entertainment ever guessed right it was Lorne Michaels.

Everything I’ve read about him says that he isn’t some “wild and crazy guy.” He has a great sense of humor, an incredible sense of timing and talent, the good sense to surround himself with talented people, and force of personality to make tough decisions and stick to them. You have to appreciate those characteristics.

The irony of Michaels’ birthday landing today is that I’m presenting one of my programs, “FUN Is Not a 4-Letter Word!,” today in Tarboro, NC, for the Social Services Department. If anyone needs a laugh in today’s world it’s those folks. So, I’ll get’em cranked up.

Another birthday today, another 64-year old, is Danny DeVito. Now, this guy ain’t Jack Nicholson or Arnold Schwartzenegger; although he has worked with both actors. But, he’s had a successful career being…Danny DeVito.

The older I get the more I understand that if you will scratch your funny-bone on a regular basis there will be people around you who have the same itch. Granted, the more outrageous, esoteric, or scatological your humor, the more people may laugh or scream at you instead of with you…but, the ones laughing with you will be the best.

Bring on the funny!

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