Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Toe In the Water

I lift weights like some guys play golf; not that well, but as often as possible. Today was a great day in the gym. I tried some new things, and reveled in some movements that I have been doing for the 42 years I’ve been lifting weights.

It took me a lot of those 42 years to figure out that I can’t just pile a lot of weight on a new movement and then start cranking out repetitions. I’ve done it and was so sore I couldn’t walk the next day. Or, I had to put tootpaste on the brush, lay it on the counter, and rub my teeth back and forth on it 'cause I couldn't raise my arms.

Now, I ease into something new. In and out of the gym, I’ve found that almost every time I’ve jumped into something in life without adequate preparation or testing I made a mistake that I wouldn’t have made if I had taken a little more time.

I certainly understand the logic that you can’t jump a stream in two leaps. But, in so many cases, if you take a little time to steady yourself, and focus on the next small step, you’ll end up being more successful.

Today’s message isn’t about taking more time to make a decision. It’s about trying something new…a…little…at…a…time.

What is something new you would like to try in your life? How could you take baby steps, or touch your toe in the water, or try a pilot program, for a pioneering effort?

Try something new today, a little at a time.

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