Friday, November 7, 2008

The Vacation Hustle

Do you hustle up on Fridays to get some things done before the weekend? What about the Friday before you go on vacation?

You know how we all get super-organized, energized, and efficient just before taking off on vacation?

Here’s the question: Why aren’t you doing that every day?

Imagine what you could get done if you worked at the day-before-vacation pace most of the time.

Here’s an exercise that may not be too flattering for you: Ask yourself this question, “If you could get your week’s work done in four days and have Friday off could you do it?”

If your answer is “Yes” then you are already 20% overpaid.

If you could get your work done in four days and have another day to be productive, why not do it? When you were hired they committed to pay for all of you. Are you giving it?

We’re easing into a time in which resources are going to be incredibly tight and being both efficient and effective will be of paramount importance. I believe that people who can maximize resources and really get the job done will prized…and employed.

If you want to get more, you’d better be willing to give more. Think about this over the weekend, “Where could you be in one year if you consistently worked at day-before-vacation pace?”

Have a great weekend!

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