Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's Your Business?

I have a small company, The Perfect Workday. I consider the activity that contributes to my livelihood my business. We all have a business.

No matter if you are an employee, whatever the activity is that pays for your beans is, essentially, your business.

The word business is Anglo-Saxon in origin. The original word appears to be bisigian.

Now we come to the interesting part. The original meaning of bisigian was, "to worry, to fatigue, to occupy." Is this what your business does for you?

By 950 A.D., bisigian had evolved into bisignes and then, business. The new pronunciation was an expression of "anxiety, distress, and uneasiness." Again, is this what your business does for you?

Our current definition and use, as a description for "an occupation, profession, or trade," began in the 1400s.

It appears that if your business is something you are concerned about, an activity that worries and fatigues you, it is doing what it's supposed to do according to the way we label it. In fact, your business is giving you the business.

Here's your thought for a Perfect Workday: What if you called your business something else? A calling, fun, play, your mission are all potential labels.

What label do you use?

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