Monday, December 15, 2008

Is Every Day Monday?

It seems that every Monday I start thinking about how we see...Monday.

Everything we experience, including Monday, is conditioned by the thoughts and patterns we create and allow ourselves to have. Many of the thoughts and patterns come from childhood; others gradually develop along the way or are seared into our conciousness by emotional experiences.

An extraordinarily smart woman I know from Los Angeles, Felice Richter, says, "Most people never get out of high school. The attitudes they developed from thirteen to eighteen are the same ones they have as adults."

That's scary. To think that we might never grow beyond the fears, prejudices, hopes, dreams and silliness of a time when we are ruled by our hormones is scary, sad, and depressing.

I was considering Felice's wisdom on Saturday afternoon at the NC High School Football Championships. I love high school football; the bands, the smell of cut grass, the youthful yelling, the live-or-die importance of the moment. But, I also thought of the young men for whom Saturday afternoon would be the high point of their lives. And, it will be the focal point of what they will talk about for the rest of their lives. Life has to be bigger and better than one Saturday afternoon when you're 17.

That brings me back to Monday and a flip of the attitudes. In at least one area I think the kids may have it right. I believe dreading Monday is an adult attitude. When you talk to young people--at least the smart ones, from first grade to seniors--they look forward to Mondays. Going back to school means seeing friends, learning something new, and being alive. They are developing a pattern and thought of expectation.

What do you expect...not just of Monday, but of yourself...of your life? Do you look at the rest of your life like everyday is Monday? I think that's a good thing...if you do it like a kid.

If you hate every Monday the rest of your time ain't lookin' so hot, now is it?

Have a great week!

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