Thursday, December 18, 2008

Managing Your Boss

Was in Wilmington today talking about “How to Manage Your Boss.”

A fun group, smart, and asked good questions.

There are two key issues as I see it when it comes to managing a boss: First, are you doing your job? If you are doing your job and your boss isn’t doing his/hers, then you have a reason to gripe…and to try and correct them.

If you aren’t doing your job, and it’s for any reason other than you don’t know how, and your idea of managing your boss is to try and get them to ease off on you…then I hope you get whatever’s coming to you.

But, back to managing the boss. The second key is communication. Whether you think they will listen or not, you have to communicate with the boss to get a feel for their priorities, problems, hopes, management style, goals, and personality.

Your boss has lots of challenges, just like you do. If you are 1% of their challenges, don’t turn it into 100%. If you do, they might choose to get rid of their problem…you.

Very few bosses really are dopes. Most are overworked and undertrained, like you.

Here’s a thought; if you want to have more Perfect Workdays, try to help your boss have more Perfect Workdays.

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