Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Resolution Realities

Yesterday I asked you to come up with 3 simple questions in anticipation of creating Resolutions for 2009. Check yesterday's blog to see the questions.

I promised that I'd tell you a secret about the questions, so here it is: Your brain's most important function is to answer questions. If you form a question your brain automatically starts trying to find an answer. It goes through all your current internal knowledge and pulls out information that may help answer the question. Your brain then sends the info to you in the form of intuition, hints, clues, pain, happiness, lightbulbs going off...whatever you want to call it. Then, your brain uses your senses to reach out into the external world and look, listen, touch, smell, and taste for information that can help answer the question.

Here's an example. One of my resolutions for 2009 is to lose weight. Specifically, I want to lose 30 pounds in 2009. That's about 2.5 pounds a month. So, the question I'm posing for my brain is, "How do I lose 30 pounds in a year; 2.5 pounds a month; a little over a half-pound a week?"

In today's paper there is an article,"25 Ways You Can Shed 10 Pounds This Year." My eyes and brain were immediately attracted to the article because it seemed to have information I could use to answer my questions. I ignored the article, "Cholesterol Drugs May Turn Your Roots Black," (even though I take cholesterol drugs) because I don't have an interest in that topic, and didn't have question in my brain about the color of my roots.

Ask yourself yesterday's simple questions and relax. Your brain will do it's work and you'll come up with some solid ideas about how to form your Resolution. You may get a surprising and powerful message that some of the topics you ASSUME you should make Resolutions about really aren't that important to you. They are topics you think you OUGHT to be working on...but not really. You want to discover what is truly important to you; what might help you make a big, positive change in your life.

I've been using this exercise for the last couple of days and my Resolutions are slowing forming. Try the exercise for 24 hours and see what answers you get by this time on New Year's Eve.

Tomorrow I'll tell you my 3 Resolutions for 2009. Maybe some of my Resolutions, and my steps for making them real, will work for you.

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