Monday, December 29, 2008

RRRRRRRRResolutions Are Comin'!

Welcome back!

Whether you are working or not today, it's time to start thinking about that dreaded "R" word...Resolutions.

Lots of folks don't like making Resolutions because they consistently break the attempts at change. I LOVE Resolutions because...break them or not...they signify the thought of a new beginning. So, even if you break them, Resolutions at least get you thinking about making a fresh start in an area of life.

From today until Wednesday, roll the thought of Resolutions around in your mind. Here are three suggestions for creating Resolutions:
1. In what area of life would you like to see improvement?
2. What change in that area of life, if you COULD make a change, would have a dramatic effect on your life?
3. What SMALL goal, if you reached it, could be the first step in making the change a reality?

During the next 24 hours, roll those three questions around in your mind. Don't try to come up with an answer (tomorrow morning I'll tell you a secret about the questions) and just relax.

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