Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The T Theory of Life

The people who have more Perfect Workdays use what I call The T Theory of Life. Imagine a funny looking capital “T” with a long, horizontal cross bar at the top and a short, vertical stem.

Across the top of the “T” are all the ideas, skills, activities and sensations these people experience. The stem signifies the 3-5 priorities that that are really important to them.

These people know a little bit about a lot of things (signified by the top of the “T”), and they know a lot about those three to five things that make up their priorities.

The T Theory people distinguish themselves from others by looking for new ideas, skills and experiences every day. They are trying to constantly stretch the top of the “T.” They then decide which ideas can be pulled down into those three to five priorities.

The Japanese call this process kaizen, constant improvement. Looking for ways to improve each day leads you to a Perfect Workday.

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