Friday, January 23, 2009

Four Letter Word

As you may know, I listen to 94.9 The Surf, a Myrtle Beach beach music station, online every morning. The last song was "Four Letter Word," by The Castaways.

The point of the song is that LOVE is a four letter word, and not all four letter words are bad. There's a wonderful line that says, "I know you love me but you don't ever say it."

Now, that's a stereotypical lament that a lot of men hear from a lot of women. But, sexist stereotypes aside, there is some word or phrase that we all want to hear on a regular basis. It may be "I love you," or "You're great," or, "I trust you."

It could be anything. But, it's positive, and it makes the other person feel like they need to feel to feel whole. I understand the logic that we shouldn't rely on others to create the lives we want, it's up to us. However, humans are communal creatures and most of us, if not all, need positive contact with other humans to feel...well, human.

What most people don't understand is the power of whatever that phrase is. Truely, it is magic. The happiest, most successful people I know have someone in their lives who validates them; someone who makes them feel like they can do ANYTHING. The feeling helps them save lives, make money, or conquer the world.

What is the word or phrase you need to have that feeling? And, from whom do you need it? It takes a lot of courage to ask for what you need if you are not getting it. Asking, and being denied, can be hurtful. No one likes pain. But, not getting what you need means feeling less than you could feel.

Whatever that Divine Reality is that's at the core of who we really are, it meant for us to have great and happy lives. It didn't mean for us to be "sniveling, clods of complaints," as George Bernard Shaw observed.

LOVE is a four letter word. So is MINE. Those two words, used with the right person, are magic. If you have the opportunity, use them with someone this weekend.

See you Monday.

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