Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Whisper, or the Brick

One of the Universal Laws of Life that I appreciate (and, unfortunately, often ignore), is that life will continue to offer you a lesson until you learn it.

Recently, I heard a different version of that thought; "Listen for the whisper, or wait for the brick."

I thought about the line yesterday while watching President Barack Obama's inauguration speech. His call for responsibility was the sound of a brick falling. Too many of us (and I'm certainly in the herd) have probably spent more and saved less than we should have. Nationally and individually, we have to make a choice; do we catch the brick or let it hit us? If you've ever caught a brick, and I have, it isn't a comfortable feeling. But, I can assure you that it is better than getting hit by one.

I have a couple of issues in life that have grown from whispers to shouts, and I'm thinking that the shouting is akin to the whistling sound a brick makes when it falls from a great height. Catching these bricks will be painful, but it's got to be better than getting hit by them.

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