Friday, February 20, 2009

All Bets Down

Am headed to Las Vegas for about four days to present seminars for the American Dance Retailers Association. Talking about how to maximize effectiveness in a tight economy. Sounds kinda dry but they are a fun group and I'm planning on giving them a great program.

I love Vegas. No clocks. Lots of lights, noise, and action. Middle of the desert. Every kind of person on earth, which means lots of stories. And, Vegas is what a friend of mine called, "A tip town." If you are willing to give a large enough tip you can literally get anything in the world you want.

I'm not a big gambler, but when I do play I play roulette. It's one of the absolutely worst games for the players....if you only play the numbers. Putting a bet on one number means you only have about a 3 percent chance of winning. I use a system that gives me about a 60 percent chance of winning...I tend to break even most of the time and it's a lot of fun.

The table boss spins the wheel clockwise, waits a second or two then flips the small ball counterclockwise. He lets it circle the wheel a couple of time and as it slows he says, "All bets down," and waves his hands over the table. The call and signal means you have to commit. Either your chips are on the table, or not.

We all have lots of opportunities in life on a wide range of issues. But, there comes a time when life says, "All bets down," and you are either in or you aren't.

Most of the people who go to Vegas don't gamble. They're watchers. They stand beside the table and live vicariously by the people who are willing to walk up and put their money down. They cheer when people win and shake their heads when players lose.

But, I can tell you from experience; the watchers might cheer, but they never know the joy of winning a player feels.

Life says, "All bets down" every day of your life. Step up to the table.

Have a great weekend.

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