Thursday, February 5, 2009

Goodbye and Hello

In 1969, Steve McQueen made The Rievers, an adaptation of a William Faulkner story. I'll cut to the chase here. It's a take on the age-old story of a young person's journey from childhood to an adult awareness of life and the world.

McQueen, who received a Golden Globe nomination, plays a fun-loving country guy who acts as the young person's guide into life.

Early in the movie, McQueen says a line that I have remembered ever since I saw the film on a date as a high school senior. He says, "Sometimes you have to say 'goodbye' to what you know, and 'hello' to what you don't."

If that ain't true in life I don't know what is.

But, the hard part is knowing what to say 'goodbye' to. You can't say goodbye to everything or life is never comfortable. It's a never-ending slog of "Now, how does this work?" The other way to look at it is that life becomes a never-ending journey of discovery; which sounds dramatic and romantic and pumps an adrenalin rush into your veins. Kinda depends on how you look at it.

The Frenche philosopher Voltaire said, "Good is the enemy of the great." Sometimes you have to let go of what is good to move onto what is, or might be, great.

Making the choice of what to let go and what to keep is the challenge.

Having a Perfect Workday, having a great life, is all about choices. And you can't make dramatic choices about everything in life. You have to pick your shots. In this blog, and in my seminars, I talk a lot about the change part of life. In fact, am presenting a program tomorrow about change for a pharma company in Research Triangle Park.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do somenthing different. I'm going to change my opening. I'm going to ask them...what do you want to stay the same. What is good enough? Considering the energy it takes to change, what should stay the same in your life so that you have the energy to change the things you want to change?

What is good enough?

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