Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Power of Ka

Whew!! On a plane all day yesterday and doing a seminar this morning...was wondering if I'd get to Blogland today, or not.

I've been thinking back on the Vegas trip. Met lots of nice people; had fun doing the seminars for dance retailers; had GREAT times with some good friends, David and Felice, who flew over from L.A., and Archie and Pamela, who live in Las Vegas; got a little exercise and ate a ton of good food.

But, the best part of the trip was seeing the new Cirque du Soleil show, Ka, at the MGM Grand. I now get it that a Cirque show is kind of like love; if you have never experienced it a description can't do it justice, if you have been in it, no description is necessary. Go to and click "country" in the upper right hand corner. Then click US and watch some clips. This is athleticism and art at it's highest form. If a Cirque show is coming to your city, GO! If not, find a show close to you and, GO!

I sat through the show marveling at the creativity necessary to create the extraordinary sensory experience I enjoyed. And here's the some point, the incredible show I experienced was an idea in someone's mind, and they shared it and inspired others, and those people who believed in the vision got involved and added their ideas, and working together they created something no one else had ever seen.

I love the word "inspire." The core of the word is essentially the same as the word "spirit," Loosely translated from Greek and Latin, it means to infuse or breath the spirit of God into a person. When we are being creative in our relationships, work, play...lives, we are about as close to God as we can get. I believe that that is why we are transported when we see something like Ka. We are witnessing the higher potential of humankind...our potential.

What we all need to understand and use is the reality that we can all be creative. We can all be inspired. Each and every one of us can have that feeling...that feeling of being transported to a point at which we can see our greater selves.

So, what in the Wide, Wide, World of Sports does this have to do with The Perfect Workday?! Ask yourself, "If I could be creative in my workday; if I could have a Perfect Workday, what would it be like?" If you will simply let your mind wander there will be a point at which you think, "Waaaaaiiiitttt a minute! I could do....that!" And, you'll get a feeling of excitement, a simple adrenaline rush.

That rush is you getting closer to the essence of you...the part of you that is close to the best you. The Ka.

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