Monday, February 23, 2009

Sumptin' for nuttin'

I'm sitting in the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas about a hundred yards from the slot machines and gaming tables. Did my requisite, "gamble for 5 minutes and lose," so I'm into watching the crowd now.

Made an observation; people smile about as much when they gamble as they do when they run. Not that there is a connection there, but it seemed an interesting thought at the time.

I keep watching the people at the slots. Put in the money, punch the button, pull the handle...then do it all over again.

Here's what keeps hitting me...the look on these folks' faces seem to show that they know the futility of trying to get something for nothing. In fact, one way to look at Vegas is that the entire economy is built on false hope...on relying on luck. I know there is a certain amount of skill to playing cards, but I'm not that smart. And I REALLY hate to say this, but most of the people I see walking around here don't look like Harvard grads. So, they seem to be hoping that that lucky finger of God will reach down and touch them.

The best line I've ever heard out here is this, "They didn't build these huge hotels because they were giving away money."

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