Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thoughts, and Spankin' Dookies

I'd love to have some sort of wisdom to offer about the economy, the bailout, the stimulus, and how to solve the unemployment problem...but more important issues are at hand.

Tonight is the Carolina/Duke game.

With all the mess that's going on it's nice to be able to take 2 hours and forget that stuff and focus on what's going on inside a 90-foot long rectangle. Even if you don't like either school, the rivalry, or basketball, you should watch the game.

Here's three reasons: The students. I hate to say it, but that bunch of slobbering, screaming, elitist pinheads...the Cameron Crazies, always outdo the students at the Smith Center. That's not a compliment, it's just a fact. They are always wonderfully imaginative in their comments and expressions of ...ahem...displeasure. Second, the coaches. Watching Ole Roy go apoplectic and seeing Ratboy cuss and fume is fun. I keep waiting for that big vein on either one's head to explode. Finally, the drama. Something will happen tonight; there's no telling what it will be in advance, and you'll see it and think and/or say, "HOLY SH**!!" I've got a bad feeling that it might be a Gerald Henderson jumper late in the game.

My take is that the Heels have too much speed for Duke, but Duke is at home, and K cusses worse than Roy, so it'll be tight. Heels by 5.

A final thought that has nothing to do with basketball: If you love R&B music like a lot of us, check out Raphael Saadiq. If you close your eyes an listen to "Let's Take a Walk" you'd swear it was the 4 Tops, Marvin, and Jackie Wilson. Try him, you'll like him.

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