Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where's Spring?

I can hear some birds chirping outside my window this morning and they sound like spring. Now, I know it's still only February 17 and we probably have more cold weather to enjoy before spring, but I'm getting into the birds for a moment.

Yesterday started a stretch of two weeks that will be pretty intense. Am on the road almost constantly. So, I'm looking for moments of enjoyment, fun, and joy to get me...little by little...through the two weeks. The birds were a good example of that.

Too often, we look toward vacations, weekends, big chunks of time off as the rewards for hard work. But, we don't frequenlty have big chunks of time available. However, we do have little bits of time here and there in which we can grab mini-vacations.

Mini-vacations can be found in savoring a piece of food, standing still outside and taking a deep breath, laughing, listening to a favorite song, telling someone "I Love You," or hearing birds chirping.

Victor Frankl, the concentration camp philosopher, Holocaust survivor, and author, noted that life can be lived, and survived, moment to moment.

Here's your assignment for today: Find two moments, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, in which you simply stop and enjoy life. If you are like most people, two minutes can seem like an eternity at first. Simply stop, observe, and be in the experience.

A mini-vacation....I think I'll wear flip-flops.

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