Friday, March 27, 2009

All You Can Do

Sometimes ya just gotta say…that’s all I can do.

Am in Chapel Hill this weekend hosting a get-together for the fraternity organization I’m the president of. I’ve kinda been on pins and needles wanting this to be a great event because I think the world of the young guys who comprise the active chapter and I LOVE seeing looks on the faces of the alums when they see guys they haven’t seen in years…sometimes, decades. The food is set up, one of my best friends has made sure the yard and house are in great shape, and we’ve gone to a lot of trouble and expense to let people know the event is happening.

However…..the weather is not cooperating. Rain, rain, rain. On Thursday afternoon when another great fraternity brother helped me move a ton of memorabilia into the new house, it kept doing the on-off, on-off, rain.

But, you know what? I’ve done all I can do. I can’t control the rain. All I can control is all I can control. And I’ve done that.

In your workday, do you spend a lot of time worrying about what is not under your control?

All you can do is all you can do.

Have a great weekend. I’m planning on it.

Go Heels!

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