Thursday, March 19, 2009

Choices, Choices, Choices

How do you make choices? Do you use a linear, logical, decision tree style of decision-making? Or, do you go with how you feel?

One of the wisest people I've met, psychologist Bob Dick, says we have three areas from which we draw the emphasis from which we make decisions...choices: Physical, Emotional, and Logical.

It's rarely an even input. It isn't one-third, physical, one-third emotional, and one-third logical. We usually have a dominant area.

Bob made a suggestion I found interesting. He suggests that you sit quietly, close your eyes and ask yourself a question to which you need an answer. Then, see what your body tells you. Does your chest get tight, head feel like it's lighter, or some other body area have a sensation that might be sending you a message. (and, yes, sometimes the answer you get will make you laugh get the idea)

The exercise can be useful when the decision is difficult and the messages are mixed; your logic tells you one thing, your emotions tell you another.

How do you make decisions? Email me and tell

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