Monday, March 2, 2009

The Future Looks Bright...Go Heels!

If you have any reservations about the future of America, and you are tired of all the bad news, let me raise your hopes.

As the president of the alumni association for the fraternity I was in at Carolina, I had the opportunity last night to meet with the young men in new chapter.

If these guys are the future, I'm breathing easier. What I saw was a ton of energy and focus. Their ability to grasp a challenge and run with it was exhilerating.

When you get a group of young males (18-20 yrs old) together the testosterone factor is pretty high, anyway. But, you can tell whether the energy is positive or negative within a couple of minutes. If the energy is negative you can tell that bad things will have the potential to happen. If the energy is positive, though, as I saw last night, it seems that the world lays at their feet...anything is possible.

At no time did I have the feeling that I wished I was that age again...and the absence of that feeling surprised me. I was heartened to realize that I have been there and done that and that the real joy will be in being able to watch these young guys fly.

Go Heels!

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