Friday, March 20, 2009

Here's To The Finish Line!

Sometimes, when you reach a goal or finish a big project there’s a feeling of…mmm….is this it? Whenever that happens to me it reinforces the understanding that it’s the journey that counts.

However, this ain’t one of those times. Last night I finished the final corrections for my book, The Perfect Workday, and approved the proofs. The next step is printing and then I get to hold one in my hand.

I’m trying not to have that, “OK, where’s the next dragon that needs slaying?” feeling. I’m trying to slow down a little.

This weekend might be a time for some celebrating. The book has been a long time in planning and writing. Thanks to the smart people at the production will, hopefully, be the easy part.

If you reach a milestone you should celebrate. Especially, in tight times like we are in now, you need to find reasons to lift your spirits.

What big project are you working on? What goal are you striving for? There’s got to be more to life than sitting on the benches in the bottom of the galley like Judah Ben Hur and rowing the years away.

Wherever you are, raise a glass with me this weekend. Here’s to the race! And here’s to the finish line!

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