Monday, March 30, 2009

How's That Workin' for Ya?

Saw a quote last week that went something like this, “Weather forecasters are wrong often enough that you can’t totally trust them. But, they are right often enough that you can’t totally ignore them.”

Don’t remember who said it, but the truth factor is pretty high.

Here’s the question: How often are you right?

Hold on. Your answer was probably something like, “Pretty often.” I mean you’ve made it to adulthood, you’re alive, and, more than likely, fully-clothed. So, you’ve made a range of right choices throughout your life.

However, what assumptions have you made about people, situations and stuff, that might not be right?

Increasingly, I’m trying to ask the “How often are you right”? question in a different way. I’m asking: “How’s this working for me?” I’m finding that in a range of issues I’ve made assumptions, or been lazy and gone with a past decision out of habit, or not made a decision at all…I’ve gone with someone else’s decision or choice, and it wasn’t right for me.

I seem to be easing into a time of life in which I’m asking the question of everything from friendships to business ideas; from health and fitness habits to spiritual issues; from clothes to hairstyle.

Increasingly, I’m slowly but surely discovering what works for me. Maybe I’m just slow. Lots of people figure this out earlier in life. Or, maybe lots of people go with the flow, with what’s easy…with what someone else says is right. I’d rather be slow than not figure it out.

What works for you leads to more Perfect Workdays…and a more perfect life.

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