Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness as a Leadership Laboratory

While I’m sure some of you aren’t into March Madness I have to say that I love it…for reasons that have nothing to do with basketball.

Sure, I’m into the games my Tar Heels play. But, I’m REALLY into the games—inside the game—that the coaches and players are playing.

March Madness is the best laboratory for leadership I’ve ever seen and it’s free, on nationwide television.

Watch how coaches differ in their approaches. Some are demonstrative, Roy Williams at Carolina and Mike Krekr7cda&per (…mmm…you know, the Duke coach) are two of those. Other coaches are quiet, focused, and rarely raise their voices. Oliver Pernell from Clemson is an example. Two different styles; both effective.

Watch players lead on the court. You’ll see point guards and big men directing their teammates and leading by example.

Try this, turn the sound off and just watch the game. Watch the coaches and players interact and you’ll see an ebb and flow that is easy to miss with the sound on. You’ll see leadership and followership in action.

March Madness is here. Two weeks to go. After this weekend, it's serious now. No more tomorrows.

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