Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On-line Banking and Mojitos

I have some friends who think (well, it’s more like hoping and praying) computers are a fad. They’re hoping that one day everyone will turn those boxes on their desks and in their homes into aquariums and televisions (ok, so we’re not that far from the second one).

But, I’m no Luddite. I love what computers do when they work the way they are supposed to work

Take on-line banking. I fought paying bills on-line for quite awhile. The whole idea of hitting a button and having hundreds of my dollars flying around was a little scary.

Now, I’m into it whole hog. Paid a bunch of bills last night and am buying my Tar Heel football tickets on-line today. No more writing checks, stuffing envelopes and licking stamps.

If you have not jumped into on-line banking you need to do so. Sitting in line yesterday just to make a simple deposit had me thinking, how do I make deposits on-line?

Having a Perfect Workday means having some time for yourself. One of the ways you can find those stolen minutes is by looking for ways technology can make your life simpler. A few minutes spent learning how to check your balance and pay a bill on-line can help you find those minutes.

However, I have to be honest. If the United States Postal Service starts making the glue on stamps to taste like a Mojito, I’ll ditch on-line banking faster than dropping 3rd period French.

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