Thursday, March 5, 2009

Riding the Bullet

A very smart woman told me recently, "Life is all about choices." I've thought about that almost constantly for a few days and, since I believe in omens, I'm seeing messages everywhere I turn.

Two quotes that have appeared in the last few days really jumped out at me.

I'm not sure who said, "Are you willing to pull the trigger and ride the bullet?" I get a dangerous, almost thrilling, feeling when I read and think about the quote. To me, it so implies action that I get the feeling of, "Do it! Do it now!!"

The second quote is from the late Edward K. Graham. He was addressing a freshman class at UNC-Chapel Hill in the 30s or 40s and, referring to their collegiate experience, he said, "What do you want; and what are you willing to pay?" This quote is much more contemplative. You have to consider what you want and what you are willing to pay.

I see the two quotes as being very different. The first is about action, the second begs you to slow down and think. It seems that they evidence two different philosophies of life. The first could imply a "Live for every day," way of looking at life. The second, obviously, takes a longer view.

Or, they are do the second, you consider...and then, having made the decision, you pull the trigger and ride the bullet. But, once you pull the trigger, you're riding the bullet whether you want to or not.

A final thought, if you take too long to consider, to think about it, the target moves. At that point, being armed and ready to fire is a moot point.

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