Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Did I Do That?

OK, so I’m sitting at the extraordinary Pioneer Buffet in Archdale, NC, yesterday having lunch with a good friend. The Pioneer is one of those places that if you want to OD on collards, rice and gravy, roast beef, mac and cheese (did I mention gravy?), fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey, salads, okra, stewed tomatoes, and graaaaavy, you can do it.

Someone once told me that if I was fortunate enough to go to heaven when I died that my idea of heaven was a buffet where I didn’t need a plate. St. Peter would just give me a fork and point me at the food.

I didn’t go crazy at lunch; ate pretty healthily, believe it or not. However, when it came time for desert I grabbed another plate instead of a bowl. I loaded it up with a BIG spoonful of apple cobbler, another BIG spoonful of banana pudding, and BIG dollop of ice cream.

When I got back to the table I started in on my treasures and…stopped after two or three forkfuls. I looked at the plate and thought, “This is absurd.” And pushed it away.

My friend is making some great progress in getting healthier, and one of her key strategies is to ask the question, “Why did I do that?” when she makes a choice that might negatively affect her health and fitness. She says, “Occasionally asking ‘Why?’ can tell you the reason you make choices. Knowing the reason can help you make a better choice.”

So, I asked myself, “Why did I do that? Why take so much desert when a forkful or two would satisfy?” My answer was kinda embarrassing; “Because I always have.” And because I always have I’ve always fought a weight battle. Pushing the plate away was a good moment.

The next time you make a choice and the outcome gives you pause, ask the question, “Why did I do that?” You might not like the answer, but it’s likely that you’ll be another step along the road to truth.


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