Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are You a Lark or an Owl?

It is waaaaay too early for me to be up. It’s about 5:30 am and I'm wide awake. Went to bed last night at about 10:30 (early for me) so I guess I’ve had a full night’s sleep. The problem is that I’ll be slowing down this evening at about 6 or 7 and I have a seminar to present at 6 pm.

Understanding how your energy flows can be one of the most important discoveries on your way to a Perfect Workday. Ask the question: Are you a morning person or an afternoon and evening person?

The phenomenon is Circadian Rhythms, the process in our bodies that adjusts when our energy ebbs and flows.

From a practical standpoint, if you have what you think will be a stressful meeting or activity and you can schedule when it would occur, schedule it for your Prime Time, when your energy is up. You will be better able to deal with the stress, you’ll think and talk faster, and you will be able to recover from the stress more rapidly.

In their wonderful book, The Power of Full Engagement, authors Loehr and Schwartz note, “Energy is the fundamental currency for high performance.” If you will notice, high achievers almost always have high energy levels.

If you do not normally have a high energy level then you must maximize the energy peaks you do have.

I’m willing to bet that you already know if your dominant energy style is that of a Lark (morning) or Owl (afternoon and evening). Try to start scheduling tasks to flow with your energy level and see if you don’t have more Perfect Workdays.

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