Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't Be Looking Out the Oarhole

This morning I was presenting “Why Do People Act Crazy at Work?” to a group of state employees.

Many of these folks are getting pretty antsy about how budget cuts will affect their jobs. I explained that, yes, some people are going to be cut no matter how good a job they have done. The problem is that they work in areas that are considered expendable.

However, I also pointed out that now is the time to work in a manner that shows people that you are not expendable. Show them that of all the people who can go, you need to be the one they keep.

If it doesn’t work out and you are one of the people who has to leave three things are working in your favor: First, you have built some momentum so you can keep the energy going and look for something new. Second, you can leave with a clear conscience that you did the best you could. Third, people will remember that you were one of the ones who was truly trying to make a difference. When it comes time to rehire you may be one of the first they consider.

Times are tough for a lot of folks, no doubt. But, now is not the time slow down on the pace of rowing. It's like in the old Roman movies. When Caesar looked down in the hold of the galley he wanted to see everyone rowing. Now is the time that we need everyone rowing. We don’t need some folks looking out the oarhole and getting a free ride off everyone else’s efforts.

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