Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Franklin Street at 1 AM

Ok, it’s 8:30 pm on Tuesday night and I’ll admit that it’s kinda late to be posting the blog for Tuesday.

But, coach, I’ve got an excuse!

At 1 am I was on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill watching the jubilant crowd after the Tar Heels SPANKED the Michigan State Spartan’s for the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship!

Standing on a wall outside the Methodist Church in downtown Chapel Hill I watched my life cruise by me in a span of about 5 minutes. I saw every person I have been and am in other people. From the straight-laced freshman in khakis and buttoned down oxford blue shirt and Weejuns, to the wild guy senior in shorts, a Carolina t-shirt and flip-flops, to the 30s/40s guy partying with his friends, to the mid-50s guy on the edge of the crowd, I was right there.

Then, of all days, I had to be a grown-up this morning and lead a seminar. Had about a half-dozen people in the seminar wearing Carolina garb.

Will be back in the morning with a blog, but couldn’t resist saying Go Heels! one more time, and congratulations a group of young guys who have played under tremendous expectations all year. Being good is one thing, but being anointed by the national press as the Second Coming, then stumbling, and then recovering and racing through the tournament like thoroughbreds is something else.

Go Heels!

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