Thursday, April 23, 2009

How Great Could It Be?

What if things were great…could you stand it?

No, really. Many folks go through life with this hum of stress going on in their heads, and when they do encounter a great situation they have a difficult time dealing with it. They can’t believe that things could be that good.

And when the situation does hit a bump, which any life situation will sooner or later, they say, “See, I told you this was too good to be true,” rather than understanding that it’s just a road bump and something to move past so they can get back to the great.

Yesterday, while making a presentation for Administrative Professionals Day, I asked the group to write down two things in their lives that were good, but that they would like to make great. Lots of pens stayed poised in the air.

Later, when I asked a couple of people about the difficulty some folks seemed to have, I realized that the problem was that many of them could not imagine what great would be like.

Ask yourself: Is there something in your life that is good, but you would like for it to be great? What does great look, taste, sound, feel, smell like? What kind of experience would you have to have so that, at the end, you walked away thinking, “Now, that was great!”

Great comes dressed up in a lot of different outfits. Don’t miss great just because you can’t recognize it.

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